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Ewelina Koszykowski (formerly Ewelina Ferruso) was born in Wroclaw, Poland. Her family immigrated to the United States when she was just 3 years of age, making their home in Mahwah, New Jersey. From time immemorial, equipped with her trusty pencil, she has filled her sketchbooks with images flowing from the unconscious, creating worlds of infinite possibility.

After graduating from Columbus College of Art and Design, she experienced a life-altering accident which awoke in her the urgency of time. She began to explore her own spiritual journey through life with a renewed clarity of purpose, leading her to create her first collection of paintings entitled "Onion Soup." Based in NYC, Ewelina Koszykowski continues to chronicle her personal evolution.

Arriving within every era are artists who define and represent a time, in this era Ewelina Koszykowski is one of them. Her artwork rides above the societal dictates of homogeneity and dares to breathe life into the canvas, she is proving both mystics and quantum physics right; that the human being holds within a map to the entire universe; she plays with the possibility that we are all divine. Within the personal journey of her paintings she explores irreverent erotic awakening and the struggle to root down, rise up and blossom in order to birth the fruit of wisdom.

While executing ever evolving precision and mastery of craft, her work possesses an uncommon trait in that Ewelina dares to be vulnerable; she dares to unveil at every moment the path of heart. The paintings of Ewelina Koszykowski are meditations into the powerful present, offering each viewer the opportunity to be transformed, that we can each leap from death into life.”

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