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Created by Juan Muniz and produced by 3D Retro, Felipe is 9.5" to the top of the balloons.

“We often wear a second skin in daily life or at work and the ‘skin’ doesn’t reveal much of our true self. The ‘mask’ I draw is a blank stare and depending on the situation, can convey humor, doubt or irony. There is Felipe, dragging his bleeding heart, looking back to ensure it’s still there as if it’s a security blanket. There is Felipe, sitting on a chunk of earth with an anvil tied to his fishing pole. And there is Felipe, looking down at the bullet that moments ago pierced him, then popped out his back, walked around to the front and held up a sign that reads, ‘I’m sorry’.”


  • Uh Oh - SDCC'15 exclusive, 200 pieces
  • Metallic - DesignerCon'15 exclusive, 150 pieces
  • Pink - WonderCon'16 exclusive, 200 pieces
  • Rex