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Image:Megagwin-joeyp.jpg|by [[Joey Potts]]
Image:Megagwin-joeyp.jpg|by [[Joey Potts]]
Image:Megagwin-pizz.jpg|by [[The Pizz]]
Image:Megagwin-pizz.jpg|by [[The Pizz]]
Image:Megagwin-hideousboi.jpg|by [[HideousBoi]]

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A custom show for 13" figures of the Gwin Army, curated by October Toys.

Dates & Address[edit]

October 13th - November 7th 2007 - Alpha Cult, 408 East First St. Suite #102, Long Beach, CA 90802

The Artists[edit]

Jim Koch, Doktor A, Anna Puchalski, Lou Pimentel, Voltaire, Drilone, Queenie, Sket One, Bil Betsovic, Ed Zepln, Okkle, C Spliedt, Matt Sharp, Squidboy, Dr Bao, Bill Rawley, Vanissa Chan, Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas, Erin Martinez, bastet2329, Renee Lawter, Curioddities, Rustedhalo, Frontline Studios, Zdenek55, Dave Whittle, Serena Kuhl, T Martin, Krystopher Sapp, Toy Godd, Yukie, Keith Noordzy, SpookyAMD, Tony Simione, Lost Goat, Kevin Winnik, Brandon Whynaucht, Pollyanne Hornbeck, Jared Osborn, R VanOver, Harry Oh!, Eric Treadaway & Laura Treadaway, Candy, Jim Fletcher, The Pizz, Reneé Lawter, Aaron Kraten, Matt Connelly, Triclops, HideousBoi, Blinky, Chad Carothers, Mudsley, Jenny Wolf, Elizabeth Berdann, Joey Potts, idlechimp, Jay222, Neil Winn, Ratna Pappert, neoscott, Spinestealer, Mr Migz, The Bawb, Charlotte Link, Just George, Kruse