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Created and produced by Funko off the back of their POP! figures come a plush version. The Plushies averaged between 6" and 9" in height.


The Simpsons The Avengers Other
Homer The Hulk DC Comics: The Flash
Bart Captain America Beavis & Butthead
Krusty Iron Man Talking Chuck Norris
Itchy Thor Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Scratchy Classic Count Chocula
Kiss Wolverine Boo Berry
Demon Thor Frankenberry
Starchild Spiderman Scribblenauts: Maxwell
Spaceman Iron Man Run DMC: Run
Catman The Hulk Run DMC: DMC
Elvis Presley Captain America Rudolf
Jailhouse Rock South Park Misfit Elephant
Gold Suit Cartman Bumble
Aloha Justice League
Batman Superman
Batman Wonder Woman
Penguin Green Lantern
Wizard of Oz
Cowardly Lion
Wicked Witch
Flying Monkey