Teddy Troops Design Contest

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This was an online competition in 2008 for 3" Teddy Troops to be designed, the winner was was released in Teddy Troops Series 3. The winner was Oups, with Dust coming second and Leigh Pearce coming third. Every sent in Teddy Troop went on tour in a travelling show around Germany.

Dates & Addresses

  • August 2nd - 16th 2008 - Soda Books, Rumfordstraße 3, 80469 Munich
  • August 29th - September 27th 2008 - Carhartt factory outlet and gallery, Schusterinsel 9, 79576 Weil am Rhein-Friedlingen
  • September 2008 - Titus Berlin, Spandauer Str. 2, 10178 Berlin
  • November 20th - 29th 2008 - Eastpak Store, Centro, D118, Centroallee 230, 46047 Oberhausen

The Artists

Oups, Dust, Leigh Pearce, Leo Kawa, Tomik, Das Mo, Beet, Keasone, Rebootlab, HOTEI, Edel, Chicken Troop, Sabrina Noll, Sinero, Liz Universe, Sady Vingtneuf Degres, Miriam Frank, Loony Lobster, 2much, Mr Barney, Joks 1, Kid Käck, NIKO, Toastconcept, Andre Riegel, Timrobot, Philipp Merkelbach, Benzmarke, Kinh Long Truong, Fredezign, Claudio Ackermann, Adam Glauer, FARKFK, Zane Williard, I ARE UGLY, Zoé Byland, Efren Lopez Zabaleta, Rafael Pantoja Rico, Tan-Ki, Amber79, Dave Nio, MetaMephisto, Brian Colin, Riot68, SupaCAT, Codel, Team Killler Toy, Sinero, Sinero, The Lover, Teresa Wise, The Lover, MARTA, Dinosauria, Max Hornäk