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== Images ==
== Images ==
Image:Foundingfathers-georgenugginton.jpg|by [[Ian Ziobrowski]]

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About The Civil War and our Founding Fathers

The Civil War and our Founding Fathers featured artist interpretations of the American Civil War on 8" Qees. The customs were auctioned and 20% of the proceeds were donated to Our Military Kids, a charity which benefits the children of deployed and severely injured Reserve and National Guard personnel.

Date & Address

July 10th 2010 - Spaghetti Project, 1025 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401



The Artists

Cope2, Burn 353, Bryan Collins, Lou Pimental, Brent Nolasco, Joe Simko, Chris B Murray, Blokt, Josh Taylor, Coreroc, Imani K Brown, Travis Cain, Sergio Mancini, Tyler Coey, Task One, Valeri Gudell, Ian Ziobrowski, Toy Factory (Sam De Buysscher), Slic is Nutz, Mike Die, Melody Llewellyn, OneEightyOne, Scott Sketo, OsirisOrion, Nasty Neil, WuzOne, Deb Yarrington, Jason Castillo, Lisa Rae Hansen, Jenna Anderson, Toni Hitchcock, Arijit Das, Cita Sadeli Chelove, MikEyG, Greg Crawford, B.A.L.D, A Little Stranger, Colin Mohnacs, RAMPAGE TOYS, Jeremy Simmonds, Brandon Hill, Peter Chang