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Pinnola is a resin figure created Erick Scarecrow and produced by Esc Toy. Pinnola stands 6.5" tall.

After somehow coming to life in her creator's workshop, Pinnola always tried to figure out how she came to be. Whenever anyone was around she appeared still and lifeless as to avoid being detected. One morning she noticed that her creator was sad because he was in debt to the Bomb Jack Papa Sama. He was in fear of losing his workshop. After a few nights of restless thinking, Pinnola drummed up a plan. She carefully sneaked out of the workshop and into the Boom Jack's Grand Casino. Her goal was to reach the casino's vault and take as much as she can. Unfortunately, the Boom Jack Papa Sama spotted her midway. Pinnola pretended to be lifeless to avoid detection. As the Boom Jack Papa Sama, looked at Pinnola he couldn't recall purchasing such an interesting statue. His attention was broken when a fight broke out between a dealer accused a player for cheating. The Boom Jack became nervous and ordered his Turtum goons to bring the statue to the casino vault where it will be safe. As Pinnola was being carried off to the casino's vault she smiled. She was going to rob the Boom Jack Papa Sama blind.


  • Original - 20 pieces
  • Warhol - 25 pieces
  • Gelee - 5 pieces