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About Toy2r[edit]


Created out of an obsession for designer/art toys and collectables, Hong Kong based company Toy2r continues to break down the boundaries between product design, art and graphics.

Mastermind Raymond Choy founded the company in 1995 where he took his dream of a once owned toy store known as ‘Toy R’ (short for Toy Raymond), which held countless quantities of limited edition toy collectables, and turned it into a internationally recognized company amongst the first to explore the potential of the designer/art toy movement. Ultimately, instilling contemporary art into the vinyl toy market we all know and love today.

Toy2r is a multi-faceted company whose logo was taken from their most loved and cherished mascot, the ‘Toyer.’ In 2001 Raymond released the skull-headed figure alongside what was to become the most ubiquitous toy canvas in the world, the Qee keychain figure.

Toy2r takes great pride in our determination to not only innovate but inspire artists’, designers’ and the world’s generation of youth alike. Their main objective is to provide limited/collectable designer/art toys at an affordable price, based on the coolest designs for the current international market.

Toy2r has received numerous internationally renowned awards for their outstanding achievements; starting with the 2007 Vinyl Toy of the Year from Plastic and Plush, since 2002 winning AFT’s (Action Figure Times) Best Block Toy Award for six consecutive years running, AFT’s Best Vinyl Toy Award in 2006, AFT’s Most Innovative Company Award in 2004, AFT’s Toygodd’s Crystal Award from 2003 - 2005 and many more.

Toy2r continues to grow in an influential world while expanding the definition of art. You will find their Qee creations in more concept stores, galleries and museums worldwide. Join the “Qeevolution” because everyone wants to collect more Qee!

Raymond Choy Biography[edit]

Raymond Choy founder and President of Toy2R was born in Hong Kong on September 13th, 1965. With a simple dream of combining his hobby with his career, Raymond pursued his business degree and took design classes while working full time. In 1998, Raymond sensed a trend in art toys and began the development of his very first vinyl figure, the Toyer. With its huge success and commercial response the Toyer figure gained the support from artists’ and designers’ from all over the world. It is now the company mascot and because of its success it enabled Raymond’s next endeavor, the Qee, pronounced “Key.”

In 2001, the Qee was born. Raymond had developed a keychain concept figure series and named it the Qee keychain collection. Through his passion, Raymond would continue to break down the borders between product design, art and graphics. His determination to succeed would help the Qee become a symbol associated with the Toyer and Toy2r brand worldwide. Toy2r has eighteen Qee concepts to date and these mini figures stand 2.5 inches tall. They are used as a fashionable accessory (keychain), decor and/or designer toy collectable. They come in ‘blind’ boxes to conceal their identities simply to add excitement in the collecting process. Toy2r also provides D.I.Y Qees (Do It Yourself) for aspiring artists' and designers' who plan to take the world by storm.

Designed Toy Releases[edit]

These are toys designed by Toy2r

Produced by Toy2r[edit]

Toy2r also acts as a production company for many artists. These are the figures that it has produced and released.


These are one-off pieces by Raymond and Toy2r.

Images of pieces by Raymond[edit]

For images of toys produced by Toy2R click here.

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