Wild Girls

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Gary Baseman’s Wild Girls have brought cheer to his live art installations and appearances for gallery openings, festivals, and celebrations across the globe. Now, 3DRetro will bring the Wild Girls "Beverley" to your desktop and shelves with a brand-new 2-figure set from Gary Baseman at SDCC 2014. The Wild Girls ‘Beverly’ set features the 6” Beverly and 3.5” Chouchou. The Wild Girls ‘Naomi’ set features the 6” Naomi and 3.5” Chouchou.


  • Original (Beverley) - 200 sets
  • Red (Beverley) - 3DRetro exclusive, 150 sets
  • Blue (Beverley)
  • Red (Naomi) - Baseman website exclusive, 150 pieces
  • Black Bad Girls - 120 sets