Lethal Taco

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Created by Oscar Mar and David Dick and produced by Mindzai. Lethal Taco stands 8" tall.

Lethal Taco is the most badass Taquero in the world! Not only does he pack a mean punch but he's also known for his delicious world class tacos. His powerful meat cleaver skills and super fine tastebuds are a powerful combination. Quesadilla? No problem! Tacos Al Pastor? You got it! Lethal Taco makes em mild, medium and spicy all while keeping his cool. SeƱor Taco's troublemaking sidekick, Meat, is well....a trouble maker with a potty mouth but he's got a good heart and laughs in the face of danger. Together, they aim to keep the streets safe from evil and also serve the best tacos to everyone worldwide! Siempre Chido - Always Cool!


  • Original