Rivet Custom Qee Show

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Rivet Gallery is the premiere venue for DIY shows in Columbus, Ohio. Curated by Laura Kuenzil – this show will be nothing but unique. In fact, the entire exhibit focuses on Toy2R’s 3.5″ Baby Qee line. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another cute show – these cuddly critters will amaze and bewilder you – plus it will be benefiting a good cause, The Ronald McDonald House.

Dates & Address[edit]

April 3rd - 28th 2010 - Rivet Gallery, 1200 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43201


Adam Levene, Amanda L Spayd, Amy Kollar Anderson, Andrew Bawidamann, Andy B Clarkson, Angela Matteson, Bil BetsOviC, Chas Ray Krider, Chris Ryniak, Clinton Reno, Dave Perillo, Jenna Colby, Joe Scarano, Johnny Yanok, Laine Bachman, Okkle, Sharon Bell, Tom Williams, Trenton McBeath, Troy Stith