The Hustle 2

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On Friday, May 7th, six of Kansas City's most respected illustrators and designers will be featured in a monumental collaborative show at the Third Eye Events space in the Crossroads District. As a follow-up to 2008's KC Hustle Group Show, each artist will combine large custom pieces, smaller 3x3' canvases, 3-D illustrations, and retail merchandise booths to showcase their works. Other artists hand-selected by the featured artists will show work, as well.

Dates & Addresses

7th May 2010 - Third Eye Events, Crossroads District, 2024 Main Street, KCMO, USA

The Artists

Scribe, Nathan Fox, Jeremy Madl, Sike Style, Zachary Trover, Brian Horton, Luke Firle, Corey Goering, Alisa Ross, Matthew Hawkins, Lucid, Trenton Matthews