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Tracy Tubera AKA the ÜBER ILLUSTRATOR SUPREME has a style that is a mix of graffiti, anime, and comic book art. His artwork has an acute attention to sharp, crisp line work with splashes of bright pop colors. He mixes pop culture imagery with his love for sneakers, Super Heroes, and humor to create imagery all his own.

Designed Toy Releases

Toy Series Participation

  • 10-Doh! - 3.5" Artist Series 1, 2012
  • 10-Doh! - "Super Double Ninja Battle Bros", 300 pieces, 2011
  • Ninja Spiki - 4" Radiclaw, SDCC'11 Exclusive, 25 pieces, 2011
  • Trexi - 3" "One Eyed Wily", Series 1, 2005
  • Trexi - 3" "Black and White Kong" chase, Series 1, 2005

Customs & Show Pieces


Production Pieces

Customs & Show Pieces