Jouwe the Rhino

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Jouwe is a rhino with ant-shaped head, designed by Indonesian based artist Marine Ramdhani. Released 2009 and stands 8" tall.

"a story based character called the Rhino's project, and it will be growth like a comics books, caused Jouwe now already had a parents (Plum and Bismarck/this two figure will come soon), the concept is taken from One Cone Rhino, who live in Ujung Kulon Jungle, Banten West Java Indonesia, The concept for this figure is always growth like a comics books, we also can't predict when the concept is end. This story will growth together with the figure."


  • Mono
  • DIY
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red Mate (Dove)
  • Digi Wings Splashing Edition - yellow, 50 pieces
  • Digi Wings Splashing Sky Edition - blue, 5 pieces
  • Red - 200 pieces
  • DCon'10 Blue - 200 pieces


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