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We are a US based designer toy store and art gallery with online website. We ship to our toy loving friends worldwide!

History of This Tucson Toy Store

A designer toy store…In Tucson?!? Are you nuts? Yes, I am nuts but that's not the point. I moved to Taiwan in 97' and it didn't take me too long to get lost into toys. It started off simple - this little skull figure from Hot Dog Toys called Hallowteens. That was pretty much that. Oh sure, at first only bought little figures, but it wasn't long before I realized I'd spent several hundreds of dollars on $5 toys.

Fast forward a couple years. I ended up getting shipwrecked back home in Tucson. I thought it would be over but it wasn't long before I was spending $50 bucks at a time on .50 cent Homies. There were tons of trips to Wacko in LA, Toy Tokyo in NY, and all types of random websites. While that was all fine and dandy I wanted more… my needs just weren't getting met. I had to take matters into my own hands.

This has really been a labor of love. I geek out on this stuff probably more than you do.

What's with the name? My Dad use to call me Lulubell. I HATED it. I mean I was like five or six when I first remember hearing that name. I wanted a name like Tiger, or Solider, or Ace. You know, something cool. Hell, I would of even taken Murdock, but noooo… I got Lulubell! It just didn't seem to fit my rough and tumble life. Well, I kind of forgot about the name until it was time to come up with what I was going to call the new toy store I was thinking about opening. It wasn't my first choice. My first choice was ”Lake Titicaca International Imports”. I'm just that kind of guy. So after I figured out I'd probably get more ladies looking for weird broaches or woven baskets than toy geeks, I went back to the drawing board. I really couldn't think of anything and then it hit me. Lulubell. It was perfect. Sounded like a toy store and the more I thought about it the cooler it sounded. I love and miss my dad very much and this was a great way to remember a really cool guy.

Address/Store Location[edit]

The store & gallery are located at

35 E. Toole Avenue, Suite 1, Tucson, AZ 85701 [1]


Located in the Downtown Art district at 7th & Toole / Downtown Tucson

Store open Tuesday - Friday, 12-5pm, Saturday, 12-4. Closed Sunday/Mondays. Extended hours during art openings & monthly Downtown art walk. Call for details.

Store Toy Exclusives[edit]

The following toys are sold exclusively through Lulubell Toys:

Eastern Vinyl Toys/Kaiju

Western Vinyl/Urban Vinyl Toys