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Reach, born in Kaohsiung Taiwan, has been painting the streets since 1995, and so is part of Taiwan's first generation of graffiti artists. In 1999, he founded the first graffiti crew in Taiwan: SOUL SKOOL, and it's still the largest graffiti crew in Taiwan nowadays.

Stemming from a traditional graffiti background, his signature style is almost stencil-like with clean lines and cut-back style, in the signal colors of pink; blue; black and white, which gives each piece a consistent and recognizable feel.

Reach is someone who will do anything to improve his art: As it is still hard to find quality spray paint in Taiwan, he decided to start producing his own spray paint for himself and fellow Taiwanese artists. In 2003 he started his own spray paint brand called BOMB.

In recent years, Reach's artwork has been getting more and more attention from overseas. He had shows in Japan, China and Europe. Kidrobot, one of the major designer toy companies, asked him to design his own figure, which will be released as an collectors' item in 2007. In addition to his other passions, Reach has been working as a graphic designer and as a toy designer.

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