Not A Spiki Show

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While traveling to Indonesia, Tony Nakanari will be exhibiting a whole cast of custom figures in what he is calling the “Not A Spiki Show”, Nakanari's first solo tribute art exhibit! This will feature 15-20 custom pieces inspired by well-known artists in the designer vinyl scene. The artists that Nakanari pays tribute to include: Arkiv Vilmansa, Angry Woebots, Futura 2000, Flying Förtress, Frank Kozik, Uglydoll, Itokin Park, Jermaine Rogers, Kendy Tandiono, Kun (Sakun), Michael Lau, Mist, Reach, and a Secret Guest! Nakanari has also invited Andri Widjaja, Evan Tsai, Timothy Istianto and Laughin’ Man as featured artists to showcase their work at the show.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

September 19th 2015 - Plastic Culture, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town East Mall