Rooftops & Sidewalks

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Myplasticheart in collaboration with Boundless Brooklyn presented the opening of Rooftops + Sidewalks on Friday August 5th, 2016. The group show featured artist customs of the Boundless Brooklyn’s water tower and mailbox no-fuss-assembly chipboard models. Curated by Leo Espinosa.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

August 5th 2016 - MyPlasticHeart, 210 Forsyth Street, New York City 10002, USA

The Artists[edit]

Sonni Adrian, Jordan Awan, Calef Brown, Andrea D’Aquino, Rob Dunlavey, Sandra Equihua, Leo Espinosa, Lisk Feng, Bob Flynn, Charles Glaubitz, Raul Gonzalez, Jorge Gutierrez, Don Kilpatrick, Loris Lora, Aaron Meshon, Roman Muradov, Keith Negley, Robert Neubecker, Laura Osorno, Claudia Pearson, Micah Player, Julia Rothman, Himanshu Sharma, Bob Staake, Ellen Surrey, Jacob Thomas, Marius Valdes