Stuff This! Plush Group Show

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Stuff this flyer.jpg

Stuff This! is an annual group plush show featuring over 20 local, national, and international artists. The annual show took place at Rivet gallery and the last one took place in 2011.


  • November 3rd - 28th 2007
  • December 6th - 31st 2008
  • December 5th - 30th 2009
  • December 4th 2010 - January 23rd 2011
  • December 3rd - 31st 2011

The Artists[edit]

2007: Amanda Spayd, Anna Chambers, Bastet2329, Bytedust, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Curioddities, Curster, Daniel Elson, Jenny Harada, Jill Penney, John Straub, Joshua Sutton, Marion Hawkes, Moogan Creations, Mr. Pickles, My Paper Crane, October Effigies, Patches, Serena Kuhl, Sharon H. Bell, Trevor Zammit

2008: Amanda Spayd, Anna Chambers, Christy Kane, Curster, Heidi Kenney, Jennybird Alcantara, Jill Penney, Johnny Yanok, Lolabee, Kerry Kate, Elizabeth McGrath, Alisa Ross, Jonathan and Valerie Nicklow, Kat Brunnegraff, Amanda Drake, Lana Crooks, Marion Hawkes, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Maxe Smith, Curioddities, Mike and Jodi Maas, Monster Factory, Moogan Creations, Lori Brown, Cutesypoo, Daniel Elson, Emily Beaulieu, Sebastian Curadeau, Rosa Lykiardopoulos, Sharon Bell, Shawnimals, The Soreheads, Jen Rarey, Spooky Daddy, Tragic Stitches, Trenton M Studios

2009: Amanda Louise Spayd, Curster, Heidi Kenney, Tragic Stitches, Follow the White Rabbit, October Effigies, Lana Crooks, Monster Factory, Sharon Dorsey, Kat Brunnegraff, Scrumptious Delight, Miso, Fluffels, Cutesy But Not Cutesy, Knitting Dreams, Cotton Monster, Megan Stitz, Nicole Aguilar, Melissa Stanley, Love and a Sandwich, Cherry Box Studios, Jellyface, Violet Pie, Christy Kane, Robyn Fabsits, Kit Lane, Cornflakegirl Dolls, Alisa Ross, Lori Brown, Jill Penney, Jason Maloney, The Buttoneyes, Bre'Anna Walker, Fuzzy Ink

2010/2011: Amanda Louise Spayd, Anna Chambers, Birdenvy, Christy Kane, Cupco, Curster, Firebongo!, Flamestitch, Heidi Kenney, Kerry Kate, Lana Crooks, Megan Smithyman, Megan Stitz, Monster Factory, Nicole Aguilar, Purple Flavor, Renee Lawter, Robyn Fabsits, Russ Walko, Shawnimals, Steff Bomb, Stitches and Glue, Suzy Ultman, Tragic Stitches, Tsurubride, Ayako Takagi, Violet Pie

2011:Amanda Louise Spayd, Follow the White Rabbit, Lana Crooks, Monster Factory, Love and a Sandwich, Tragic Stitches, Christy Kane, Curster, Heidi Kenney, Scrumptious Delight, Shawnimals, Anvikit, Jellyface, Jacob Karst, Furry Feline Creatives