Suckadelic Group Show

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"The Evil SUCKLORD of CHINATOWN has teamed up with premier Los Angeles Toy Temple MUNKY KING to present a group show of epic Proportions. Using his uncanny influence, the sinister Sucklord has recruited an unruly mob of the best artists, toy designers, and madmen to re-imagine his blockbuster SUCKLORD 600 vinyl action figure!"

Dates & Address[edit]

October 30th - November 23rd 2008 - Munky King 7308 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles CA

The Artists[edit]

Amanda Visell, Amy Vutiya, Art Denka, Billions McMillions, Charlie Becker, Datadub, Ano Koto (Devilrobots), Fetts, Hiroaki Okada (Gargamel), Kiyoka Ikeda (Gargamel), Goccodo, Grenadier Stinny, Han Cholo, Hans Yim, Hariken, Huck Gee, Ilanena, Jason Atomic, Jeremy Bulloch, JK5, Kajiu Big Battel, KaToPe, Maze (Kidrobot), Klim K and Zane, Koji Harmon, Frank Kozik, Lamour Supreme, Luke Rook (Lulubell), Mishka, Nick the Ring, Onell Design, Pop Soda, Koi Three (Rocket Fist), Sarah Jo Marks, Simeon Lipman, Sket One, Spatcave, Spooky Parade, Chris Holoka (Toshi Station), Andy Heng (Toys R Evil), Triclops, Urban Medium, Wade Lageose, Erick Scarecrow