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Bunnywith is a creation from the mind of Alex Pardee, and began life in the form of a book, of many armless Bunnys with many things. And now they've evolved into plushie armless Bunnys with many more things! The plushies vary from 10" to 12" tall.

In 2012, 3" vinyl figures were produced. They were first released at SDCC 2012. They were released in sets of 5 in various colours. The Bunnywith characters produced were:

  • Bunnywith Siamese Twin
  • Bunnywith Mesmerizing Eye
  • Bunnywith No Legs
  • Bunnywith Hammerhead
  • Bunnywith...Um...Nothing

They came in white, red, purple, blue and peach, and at SDCC'12 they released an exclusive GID version.



  • Original Bunnywith
  • Bunnywith Baby
  • Bunnywith Siamese Twin
  • Bunnywith Tentacles
  • Bunnywith Tentacles - Goth Edition, White Nose - 450 pieces
  • Bunnywith Tentacles - Goth Edition, Pink Nose - 50 pieces
  • Bunnywith Tentacles - Mammoth Edition, 3ft tall, 300 pieces
  • Bunnywith Recent Steriod Abuse
  • Bunnywith Job Interview
  • Bunnywith Bindy
  • Bunnywith Anger Management Issues
  • Bunnywith Homesick Abortion
  • Bunnywith Clever Banana Disguise
  • Bunnywith Mind Controlling Parasites, 3000 pieces
  • Bunnywith Gaping Butthole-Mouth, 3000 pieces
  • Bunnywith Anatomically Correct Body, 3000 pieces
  • Bunnywith Missing Chromosomes, 3000 pieces


  • GID SDCC'12
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • White
  • Peach
  • Bunnywith Affinity For Slave Women