Hell Lotus

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Designed and produced by Mighty Jaxx, collaborating with Clogtwo. This was the first vinyl Mighty Jaxx produced. Hell Lotus stands 8" tall and features interchangeable parts, Card of Authenticity and a signed limited print. In 2017 Hell Lotus Reincarnation was released with a remodelled edition, this figure was also 8" tall.

Hel Legnor, once part of the Enlightened Ones, had devoted his lifetime to the dark arts of Stravius. Joining forces with Lord Richtof, Hel strikes fear into the bravest of men, conquering the universe, planet by planet. Banished by the Enlightened Ones, he is now feared as the unforgiving Hell Lotus.


  • Original - 200 pieces
  • MPH Lotus - 50 pieces
  • Blood Lotus - 25 pieces
  • Dark Emerald - 25 pieces
  • Trooper Lotus - 20 pieces
  • Reincarnation - STGCC'17 exclusive, 100 pieces
  • Reincarnation Toxic - 150 pieces