Jack the Rascal

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Jack the Rascal is the first production vinyl toy by NYC artist and designer Wesker Zhan. The cute pumpkin boy measures in at 5" in height and is available in 5 different color variants. He also comes in a custom designed blister pack which can be used as a display background for the figure.

This is a world full of little fairies, but most people can’t see them except pure children. Although each of these little fairies have their special powers they are still only junior immortals. Once they want to be a real immortal they need to be supreme in the school of fairy master, and pass the final exam from the God. Now our little friend who is called Jack the Rascal by his friends is on his way to the fairy school. Do you want to know more of his destiny?


  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Sky - 5 shades
  • Ocean - 3 shades
  • Violet - 5 shades
  • Citrus - 6 shades
  • Rose - 5 shades
  • Blush - 5 shades