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Created by Forest Dreamer and produced by Merry Go Round, Kuri stands 4" tall.

Little kuri except curiosity.. is full of boyishly. She is convinced that she is circulating the pedigree of the nine-tailed fox, not the ordinary fox, and that he will be able to get the magical power of the nine-tailed fox one day So, after she made a nine-tailed coat with her hair, she was holding his good friend - the frog, somewhere to start an expedition, determined to look for the real nine-tailed fox.


  • Candy
  • Sakura
  • Star - DCon'19 exclusive
  • Milk Cargo - DCon'19 exclusive
  • Crystal Kuri - with Tangent Toys
  • Black Fox
  • Chestnut Honey
  • Rainbow - with Candie Bolton, 120 pieces, DCon'20 exclusive