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Best known as Erick Scarecrow's symbol of artistic freedom. Stands 12" tall and is a combination of vinyl and PVC parts. This figure only has 5 color ways and was later bootlegged due to the demand. In an online interview Erick was asked if he would ever continue the series and his answer was "Yes in 2012."

A "Little Liberty" has also been released in 2015 standing 6.5" tall.


  • Standard
    • Green - 300 pieces
    • Black - 100 pieces
    • Pink - 100 pieces
    • Neon Martian GID - 190 pieces
    • True Blue - 100 pieces, all signed. (If they're not signed by Erick Scarecrow you have a bootleg)
  • Little Liberty
    • Mint
    • Pink
    • Pearl