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Created by Chris Lee and produced by Wheaty Wheat in 2007, Mellow is your gentle companion standing 8" tall. Although he looks sad, Mellow is quite the optimist. His wonderful taste for fine food and weakness for chocolate and desserts explains his rather large size. He is completely oblivious on how his imposing size affects everyone around him.

Neighborhood kids will not come close to his house. Rumors fly as to what ingredients are ACTUALLY in his desserts. People shut their blinds and lock their doors when he strolls by.

Mellow is the stuff urban legends are made of.

But do not be afraid if you come across this lumbering beast. It is best you just whisper and wave "hello".


  • Regular - 660 pieces
  • Licorice & Love - My Plastic Heart Exclusive, 84 pieces
  • Marsh Mellow - 3DRetro Exclusive, 300 pieces
  • Sherpa - flocked, 180 pieces


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