Organ Donors

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Created by David Foox and produced by ESC-Toy. Released 2009.

There are two editions to the ORGAN DONORS by David Foox. The first edition was release in May 2009 and is called the US Edition (because it was released in the US and R.O.W. Market first). This edition has 24 colorways, produced by Eric Scarecrow. The RARE and SUPER RARES of this series include LIONHEART, PURPLEHEART, SMOKERS LUNG, BLACK MARKET KIDNEY, and PICKLED LIVER. It also has a RARE called EYE OF THE STORM.

The second edition is called the Chinese Edition and was release October 31st 2009 in Beijing China. This edition is notable for significant differences to its US cousin (the first edition or US Edition of ORGAN DONORS by David Foox). There are only 23 colorways (the removal of EYE OF THE STORM is significant because of the Japanese characters on the hospital gown of the EYE OF THE STORM was decided inappropriate for the Chinese Edition). The Chinese Edition is known for having SUPER RARES called ONE HEART and ONE SOUL. These replace the US Edition SUPER RARES of LIONHEART and BLACK MARKET KIDNEY.

Originally, the Super Rare Kidney had no name and a naming competition through website resulted in the name ONE SOUL. The winner of the naming competition was given a signed ONE SOUL and several blind boxes to open and collect.


  • Series 1
    • The Brain
    • Nuclear Thinker
    • Blunted
    • ICU
    • The Eye
    • Alien Invader
    • Golden Eye (10)
    • Purple Heart
    • The Heart
    • Lion Heart
    • The Kidneys
    • Black Market Kidneys
    • Pickled Liver
    • The Liver
    • Lechter Liver
    • The Lungs
    • Smoker's Lungs
    • Iron Lungs
    • The Invincible Lungs
    • Eye of the Storm
    • Plasma
    • The Enforcer
    • Red Blood Cell
    • Stem Cell
    • Home Grown
  • Chinese Edition "One Heart"
  • Chinese Edition "1949-2009 Forever"