Tinder Toys

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Created by Jeremy Tinder and produced by Squibbles Ink and Rotofugi. These small figures stand between 3" and 4" tall.


  • Boyger

Boyger is a very happy young man. He has mastered the art of burger making and simply wants to share his creations with the world. Every morning, Boyger rises, pours himself a cup of coffee and heads out to his grill. Once a perfectly formed burger is placed atop his head, Boyger is ready to face the day. If you see him please compliment his burger, it will make his day.

  • Clem

Clem was born out of an unlikely circumstance. Initially thought to be merely the world’s largest orange, Clem had a secret hidden within. As Florida state fair judges closely examined the overgrown citrus, they heard cries of despair reverberating inside the orange! Upon cutting it open, a face was revealed and a body unfurled! Clem is the first known of his kind, a citrus-sapien. His tears and sweat are delicious.

  • Rabburt

Rabburt is not a typical bunny. Deep down, he’s a good guy, but he is easily put on edge. It’s not his fault, it’s yours. Quit asking him stupid questions, don’t bother him when he’s watching his shows and stop chewing with your mouth open. Follow his rules and you’ll be Rabburt’s best friend.