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Thank you so much for your edits! A quick Q, do you have some citation for the "apostles" fact on the Cereal Killers pages? I couldn't find anything from Kozik talking about that. Thank you! --Catxx (talk) 20:04, 2 December 2017 (UTC)

Thank you for the site! I have been looking for a place that talked more about Ron English's work and found this great reservoir of knowledge. To answer your question the apostles info comes from my understanding of the Cereal Killers series paintings Ron English did and the specific poses those vinyl figures take in said painting. They are posed in particular ways, gestures too, mirroring the apostles in "The Last Supper". These figures are also constantly referred to as apostles with the last figure to come out soonish being Qhrist. If my insight can put up in some other way on the site as opinion rather than fact that is okay with me as well. If it would be okay I would like to continue doing some edits on Ron English's work. Also I hoped that the images I also added are legal to use under fair use, a question I had but did not know whom to ask. Thanks! -- Multij

Ah! Thanks. If the apostle bit is more opinion than factual from Kozik, it will need to come out unfortunately. Got to keep it factual from the artist's point of view. You're welcome to add opinions and theories to each page's "talk" page though. You're very welcome to keep editing and adding pictures. --Catxx (talk) 19:41, 3 December 2017 (UTC)


I have thought about that, but they can vary and obviously will immediately change once the toy is sold out. Retail prices can vary website to website and currency to currency too. Dollars would only make sense to the US viewers, I'm in the UK so sterling would be different, and toys from Asia will cost one thing there but something completely different (and higher) in the UK or the US thanks to customs. You see the predicament haha! --Catxx (talk) 18:41, 24 December 2017 (UTC)