A Tribute to Big Trouble In Little China

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Saturday, April 9th at 7pm will be the opening of A Tribute to Big Trouble In Little China at Dragatomi. All the pieces exhibited are inspired by this classic comedy, in the form of customs, sculptures, paintings, etc.

Dates & Address[edit]

April 9th 2011 - Dragatomi, 2317 J Street Sacramento CA 95816

The Artists[edit]

Dave Correia, Patrick Francisco, Alex Pardee, Jay222, Task One, Leecifer, Josh Taylor, Ritzy Periwinkle, Downtimer, Lil Japan, Robert Bowen, Le Merde, Dez Einswell, Skinner, Chris Lee, Brad Isdrab, Dan Fleres, Lucien Shapiro, Nart, Chris DeLeon, Alex Voltz, J*RYU, Mikie Graham, Mark Nagata, Nebulon5, SpankyStokes, Danny Miller, Erick Scarecrow, Wayshak