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Blow Up L.A.: The Art of Blowing Up Your City” an exhibition opening on February 4, 2012 and curated by Gonzo247 of Aerosol Warfare. Blow Up L.A.! is part of the travelling Blow Up (Your City!) Aerosol Warfare exhibition which features customized Jamungo BUD & NADE vinyl dolls by national and local artists as well as other artwork. Artists with backgrounds in graffiti, street art, design, illustration and other urban expressions will customize the urban vinyl toys with no given limitations. The stylized urban toys dolls and other artwork will be on display and for sale at Crewest Gallery from Feb 4, 2012 through Feb. 26, 2012.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

February 4th - 26th 2012 - Crewest Gallery, 110 Winston St. Los Angeles, CA 90013

The Artists[edit]

Ashira Seigel, Beau Pope, Bezerk One, Cat Cult, Cease One, Eric Martinez, Flip One, Good Happens, Primo, Jester, PilotFX, W3R3One, Romewon, DJ Battlemonkey, Reverend Butter, Abels, Cbelum, Skeez181, DeckWGF, Valerie G, Justin Garcia, Texascraze GWS, Kaadi, Kelyne Reis, Kweem One, Nicky Davis, Phylo TSF, Pyro, Sabrian Clark, Third One TSF, Tok1, T Klenow, Vote Right