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IF space-faring intelligent aliens are out there, how do you think they would first make contact?

You think they will plop down a mothership next to the local Walmart? Maybe set a saucer on the Apple Glass Cube on 5th Ave? Or will a little green dude walk into Starbucks, say, “Greetings Earthling!” and proceed to order a Pumpkin Spiced Latte!? — don’t be silly.

It will probably be far more innocuous, maybe a virus or a spore that slowly takes over… Perhaps the first will come in the form of a vinyl toy— it’s the perfect plan… Irresistible and totally unassuming…

Like an alien takeover, our site looks like business as usual… Touma, Kozik, Chueh, blind boxes, Funko, DIY toys, etc. Comforting and familiar…Well, like our future alien masters, give us time to reveal all… We have some secrets, surprises, possibly stolen alien technology…