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Trexi were created by Play Imaginative in Singapore in 2005, as a blank canvas for designers across the globe to add their designs to, there have seen been dozens of series, customs and promotional Trexis since then. The figures themselves are unique from many other small toy platforms out there in that their head is made up of two pieces, the top piece of which rotates. Trexi's began as a 3" figure, and since then there have been 1.5" and 10" pieces released.

3" Series[edit]

1.5" Series[edit]

  • Voodoo King Set - 2008
  • Looney Toons Set - 2007
  • Tokidoki Set - 2007
  • Kong Set - 2007
  • Neon Set - 2006
  • Coca Cola Set - 2006


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