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Originally UK-based with an international perspective, Clutter is the first English language magazine to focus on the designer toy phenomenon. Combining in-depth interviews with the scene’s leading figures, forthright editorial and outstanding photography and design, it’s rapidly establishing itself as the toy collector’s must have read.

Clutter was founded in September 2004 as we felt there was a lack of information out there for the collectors of Designer Vinyl toys. As collectors ourselves we became increasingly frustrated with this information black hole. On graduating from University with degrees in Graphic Design we decided to do something about it. After speaking with collectors, designers and manufacturers we realised just how big the demand for information was… the response was truly amazing!!

At Clutter we understand the relationship between many of the more underground movements, and draw strong links between ART, TOYS, SKATEBOARD CULTURE, GRAFFITI, MUSIC, and FASHION! This approach has resonated with our own readership which is as diverse as our outlook.

Clutter Magazine was independently published, founded and designed by: Miranda O’Brien & Nick Carroll

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  • 23 10 Years of Clutter
  • 22 ReAction
  • 21 Lost in Space
  • 20 Visceral Visions
  • 19 Punch You In The Face!
  • 18 Suck My Trophy!
  • 17 The Future is Stupid
  • 16 Designer Toy Awards 2011
  • 15 Gods & Monsters
  • 14 Eat My Dust!
  • 13 Unlucky for Some
  • 12 Punk Rock Poster Girl
  • 11 Robots, Guns & Girls
  • 10 Super Natural
  • 09 The Wheaty Wheat Issue
  • 08 The Bling Issue
  • 07 1st Anniversary Issue
  • 06 Asian Invasion Part 2
  • 05 Couples
  • 04 We Love NJ
  • 03 Asian Invasion
  • 02 East Coast VS West Coast
  • 01 Monsters Ball

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