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Droplets are the creation of Gavin Strange a.k.a Jam Factory. Produced by Crazy Label they were initially released in 2008 in a limited run produced especially for the Jam & Custard show held at Go Go Plastic, based in The custard factory, Birmingham UK. The show featured customs by some of the top toy customisers on the scene and was the public's chance at getting their hands on one of the first ever Droplets, with boxes all hand-numbered by Jam factory himself!

The official release was delayed until a few months later due to production problems with the highly glossy finish, however once this was resolved Droplets hit the shelves once more in late July 2008.

Droplets stand approximately 2.5" tall and come in 5 designs, each named after a sweet treat! Each have 2 points of articulation and can be flipped upside-down to create a whole new toy!


  • Series 1
    • Refresher Droplet - Ratio 4/16
    • Rhubarb & Custard Droplet - Ratio 4/16
    • Sour Apple Droplet - Ratio 3/16
    • Campino Droplet - Ratio 4/16
    • Vimto Droplet - Ratio 1/16
  • Series 2
    • Bowie - Pink
    • King - Purple
    • Juno - Orange
    • Seabass Mcpugswash - Blue
    • Zombie - White


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