Dungby & Pooba

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Created by Andrew Bell and produced by Dead Zebra Inc. Dungby the dung beetle knows how to deal with all the crap the world throws at them... by making friends! Literally making friends - like their poop-ball pal Pooba. Pooba stands about 3” tall, and Dungby is 2” flat or 2½” standing. Together they are 5½” of poop-powered friendship! Dungby features 6 articulated legs and can stand upright or sit flat, sit snugly on top of Pooba, or be stacked high with other Dungby figures. The 2-part Pooba also serves as a storage ball for Dungby or as a display stand.


  • Dark Sparkle - 100 pieces
  • Red Devil - 50 pieces
  • Fire Ball - 50 pieces
  • Snowball - 50 pieces
  • Purple Party - 75 pieces