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Multi-faceted is my way of stating that I don't fit very neatly into a niche. I was that kid in high school that was gothed-out one day and wearing bright yellow plaid pants the next...but let's not dwell on my past fashion choices. I'm a city girl who loves nature. I'm an extremely pale person who worships the beach. I'm a food snob who loves a classic cream cheese and jelly sandwich. My recently played track list will typically include Fever Ray, Run the Jewels, The Sword, Björk, and Kansas (yeah Kansas rocks). My Netflix list has it all: The Fifth Element, Bojack Horseman, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, Clueless, The Punk Singer. I'm an illustrator with a natural eye for design. My work is detailed yet bold; clean with a little grit. I'm just as comfortable sketching with a pencil on paper as I am making precise lettering in Adobe Illustrator. I'm happy to work on-site at your agency, from the coffee shop, or from my sun-filled home office. I do a wide range of work, but my aesthetic is evident throughout.

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