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Created by Bwana Spoons and produced by Gargamel. Globby is available in both 6" and 2" "pocket" versions.


6" Biggie[edit]

  • It's a Great Day to be Green (Green with dark green eyes Released at Tokyo Thrashout store, 2007)
  • SDCC 2008 (Orange head with White/Brown body Released July 2008)
  • Thrash Out 4th Anniversary Worker Globby (Yellow and blue Released 16 August 2008)
  • Big Brother Little Brother Globby (Clear green body with opaque milk blue head with cream and pink spray Released 25 September 2008)
  • New Year Globby (Clear purple body with red vinyl head Released 2009 or 2010)
  • Rainy Day Crystal Globby (Clear blue body with black head Released 21 May 2010)
  • 2nd international Globby Day Releases (Black body with hot pink head Released 21 May 2011)

2" Pocket[edit]

  • Flying Pocket Globby (Yellow vinyl with orange spray. Plane is blue vinyl with purple, green and black spray)
  • Unpainted clear red (sdcc 2008?)
  • Unpainted clear green
  • Great Pumpkin (clear green painted edition of 10 with small painting Released 10 October 2008)
  • Campfire (painted GID)
  • Rootbear Bubbletea Pocket Globby Explosion (Transparent brown, transparent red seafoam blue milky pink and red spray on transparent green vinyl Released 8 May 2009)
  • SARS Edition (Black vinyl with yellow and pink spray and white on the eyes Released 18 May 2010)
  • Pink Eye Brown Nose Globby (Black vinyl with blue, grey, and brown spray pink pupils, spattered in yellow and orange Released 4 June 2010)
  • SDCC 2010 (Unpainted Milky White Vinyl Released 21 July 2010)
  • Bwana's birthday globby (w/ print, unpainted yellow)
  • Bwana's birthday globby (w/ print?, yellow vinyl, painted pimento olive eyes!)
  • globby day uh-oh painted (clear pink, painted Released 21 May 2011)
  • globby day uh-oh blank (clear pink Released 21 May 2011)