Graphic Contents Custom Qee Show

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Graphic Contents is a custom 8" Qee show (Toy2R) with a twist - the show participants are top design houses in the print and motion graphics fields rather than postbrow and urban artists. The payoff of this concept should be a fresh aesthetic from talented folks who have mastered print or motion graphics but have yet to tackle the challenge of customising vinyl figures.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

October 14th 2006 - Mixi-Bang, 36 W. Colorado Blvd. #5 Pasadena, CA 90015

The Artists[edit]

4B, Belief, Big Space Ship, Bitstate, Bl:nd, Brand New School LA, Buck LA & NY, Buro Destruct, CA Square, Charlie Co, Click 3x, dodemo, Exopolis, Freestyle Collective, Hand Gun, Hello Hello, Honest, Imaginary Forces, Lifelong Friendship Society, Logan, MK12, Motion Theory, Mutant Hands, Paul Hwang & Ben Lee (Nanospore), Network, Picture Mill, Rinzen, Saiman Chow, Shilo, Stardust,, Superfad, Tennant McKay