I Want Your Munny

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ToiToy moved into an awesome store in Kloof St, Cape Town, and to celebrate this they are had an awesome custom toy show, "I Want Your Munny". "I Want Your Munny" showcased some of South Africa's best artists doing what they do best on a 7" Munny.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

February 10th 2011 - ToiToy, 49 Kloof St, Cape Town, South Africa

The Artists[edit]

Jordan Metcalf, Adam Hill, Emma Cook, Ben Johnston, Cassandra Johnson, Jade, Kronk, Sindiso, Paul Senyol, Bruce Mackay, Simon Berndt, Shaun Swainland, Theory One, Sam Breakspear, Reddprime, Faith, Cashrill, Bison, Daniel Ting Chong