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This is Tan-Ki's very own solo show "Invasion Toys" at Slow Boutique. Tan-Ki will be exhibiting his own toy creations and custom figures. On site will be a new series of KiClears, 8” Crystal KiClears, and DIY Kitoys. The purpose of the show is to educate and introduce the world of designer toys to the people of Brest, France. On exhibit will also be some custom Kitoy’s by artist from all around the world.

Dates & Address[edit]

December 12th 2009 - Slow Boutique, 4 Rue Ducouedic, 29200 brest, France

The Artists[edit]

Tan-Ki, Plaseebo, Le Merde, Bunka, Fakir, CartOne, Codel, Tizieu, Doudoupop, Jeremiah Ketner, Triclops, Grapheart, Bishop Parigo, Skwak, Flying Fortress, Steph Cop, Hello Brute, Paul Kaiju, Phuek, Spasm One