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Created by Sad Toy, Jude stands 6" tall.

Jude is eager to be respected by the people surrounding; be fond of by loved ones; be chasing her dreams freely; and be in love with the life she chose bravely.

Listening is a way to build connection with Jude. To her, when Jude knows you are paying attention to her speech, she will feel a sense of security and a touch of warmth from being understood and acknowledged. That slowly melts her heart.


  • Melting Jude Original
  • Banana
  • Purple Rain
  • Red Bean
  • Mango
  • Majin
  • Red Heart
  • Purple Heart
  • Yellow Heart
  • Pastel Blue & Pink
  • Pastel Green & Pink
  • Chun Li Jude - 18 pieces
  • Pink