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From the twisted mind of Mame Moyashi, this is Maguro Senpai, a tuna fish who has taken it upon himself to create the freshest sashimi around, himself! Maguro has 4 points of articulation and comes with knife accessory. From creator Clinton Kenny : A philosopher once said, everything always have two sides. Do not judge based on one perspective. I think toys should not be used for speculation or just to accommodate a new movie launch and forget the original meaning of is to bring people joy. We have members of different expertise in our new team such as, painting, sculpture and fantasy. I want to lead everyone to carry a playful mood, but with a professional approach to work. The result is the creation of this successful product. We hope in future when people see these figures, or photos it will bring them happiness, this is our ambition.


  • Original
  • Golden Threadfin Bream - 100 pieces
  • Senpai Koi Pink - BTS'19 exclusive
  • Senpai Koi Gold - BTS'19 exclusive
  • Senpai Koi Silver - BTS'19 exclusive