Not A Spiki Show

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While traveling to Indonesia, Tony Nakanari will be exhibiting a whole cast of custom figures in what he is calling the “Not A Spiki Show”, Nakanari's first solo tribute art exhibit! This will feature 15-20 custom pieces inspired by well-known artists in the designer vinyl scene. Nakanari has also invited Andri Widjaja, Evan Tsai, Timothy Istianto and Laughin’ Man as featured artists to showcase their work at the show.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

September 19th 2015 - Plastic Culture, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town East Mall


Arkiv Vilmansa, Angry Woebots, Futura 2000, Flying Förtress, Frank Kozik, Uglydoll, Itokin Park, Jermaine Rogers, Kendy Tandiono, Kun (Sakun), Michael Lau, Mist, Reach, Andri Widjaja, Evan Tsai, Timothy Istianto, Laughin’ Man