Owlberry Lane

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Owlberry Lane is an old, moss-covered cobblestone street deep in the emerald forest. It is said that once an ancient tribe of elflings lived there, but it has been long since abandoned. Currently, it is home to the Owlberries, the Tuftlies, and many other (mostly) friendly monster creatures that sneak about the shadows of the forest living out their magical, but mostly silly, monster lives.

All inhabitants of Owlberry Lane are hand-sculpted, painted, with custom made glass eyes and even among limited edition sets, are one of a kind. Some of these creatures are customized designer toys, and some are completely sculpted from scratch. Each has its own personality and will find their way into your heart, and most likely refrigerator.

Heather Hyatt is an award-winning graphic designer who has served a variety of professional roles, as well as a multidisciplinary studio artist who has exhibited at galleries and venues worldwide.

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