Play with your Food

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Curated by Jackie Harder and Kasey Tararuj, PLAY with your FOOD!, is a toy menu that will leave you full and wanting more! Their spread will span each classic meal time, Breakfast to Lunch to Dinner and of course Dessert! These toy art pieces will range from cute bites, creepy crumbs, and even evil edibles!

Dates & Addresses[edit]

March 23rd 2019 - Mothership Art Gallery, 223 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Artists[edit]

Absurdery, Ali's Alley Art, Break the Mold NJ, CarCreatures, David Woehr, Decent Things, Drool Wool, Eimi Takano, Ghost Fox, Jackie Harder, Kyky’s Nursery, LeeLou Studio, Mealy Monster, Midnight Monster, Nobu Happy Spooky, One Eyed Girl, Petite Kokoli, Pickled Circus, Pricylla Marquez, Rato Kim, Sernuretta, Simon Says Macy, Sivart6, Stacy Cakes, Steve Casino, Susan Gryn, Sweet Mooney Creations, The Real Violet Pie, Under Our Knives, Zard Apuya