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Dennis Bauser, known to many as SINNED, was born on the South shore of Long Island in 1975 to a schoolteacher mom and firefighter dad. After years of sneaking out to see music and art shows in NYC, he moved there in 1993 to study Fine Arts at FIT. While his time as a student was spent mostly skateboarding and frequenting the most notorious night clubs, he gained a reputation for turning other students discarded art supplies into deeply thought provoking abstract work.

Dennis’ Associates degree became little more than a conversation piece at the bars he tended, but his patrons were eager to scoop up the napkins and wine corks that he drew on and painted into cartoon like characters. Around 2002, bartending and skateboarding came to a halt when he injured his foot during some rooftop acrobatics with his brother.

Wanting to broaden his horizons and gain new skills, he applied to the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn where he graduated 3 years later with a Bachelors Degree in Communications Design. He married his sweetheart, took a job at Ogilvy as an Art Director and then promptly packed up his office to spend more time painting.

Currently, Dennis works with ReadySet, Inc., one of NYC’s premier set design companies, where he’s encouraged to turn his characters into life sized pieces of art. He also works with his wife, Maria, at their evolving company, SweetLine, painting murals in homes and businesses around NYC and inevitably, the world.

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