Street Mask

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Created by JT Studio as a 1/6 figure. Each figure comes with multiple accessories and a stand. Some, such as Gino and Ken, also came with LED light up eyes. Gino even came with a boombox which was also LED.

  • TWO

TWO was abused by his adoptive father from a young age, until one day he went crazy and killed his adoptive father. TWO Say : So am I still a bunny boy? When you get more crazy and make me become the lunatic I'm now!

  • Gino

Passionate with Music, player of of Unjustice's Boomerang. He proved himself by helping his teammates to remix their own entrance music.

  • Ken

Captain of Unjustice Boomerang. His family business and excellent skill always under the spotlight of many people. However, he is tired of always be in the spotlight. Ken always wears black sunglasses and keep himself in low profile, but now he has to stand out for his teammates.


  • TWO - 300 pieces
  • Gino - 399 pieces
  • Ken - 399 pieces