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Komuro Takahiro (TKOM) is an artist, who mainly creates three-dimensional works. His works looks like as if they are pop monsters colored in various colors, but they actually stand for serious social problems, formed as Gods and Monsters. The gap between the pop look and the cynical themes presents the distance that we have between ourselves and social problems.

Many of Komuro’s works are made of FRP(Fiber-glass Reinforced Plastic). They are molded with clay and the FRP is applied after being modeled. Small sized pieces are made from one model, but each of the work is made into unique pieces with different colors and shapes. Lately, he is creating works by carving them from crimped and laminated wooden panels. FRP is a symbol of the consuming society, which is the reason he uses this material, as it presents the contradiction of participating in the consuming society.

Designed Toy Releases[edit]

Toy Series Participation[edit]