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About This is Vinyl[edit]

This is Vinyl is a small operation based in Houston, Texas. My sister and I discovered the wonderful world of designer toys a few years ago. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of places to shop for toys in Houston. So we made most of our purchases online.

My experience of looking for toys online has been mixed. I bought from many great stores but there were even more stores that just didn't seem to care about their customers. Instead of complaining about something I can't control, I thought I would do something about it. I told my sister that I can do a better job of serving the collector community than most stores out there. That's how This is Vinyl was born.

We are collectors here at This is Vinyl. Like you, we know the joy of opening a new toy and satisfaction of displaying these wonderful pieces of art. We also understand the frustration of poor customer service and having to wait unnecessarily for orders to arrive.

Our goal is simple. We will hand pick and offer a fine selection of desirable toys and provide the highest level of customer service. Our selection will be focused on what the collectors really want - toys. Not hats, magazines or anything listed under miscellaneous. We will do our very best to ship your order as fast as possible at a reasonable shipping cost.

We realize you have many choices in shopping for toys online. Give us a chance to earn your business.